We’re looking for dynamic People with international vocations, who speak several languages and have what it takes to quickly succeed in becoming strong, reliable team players.

Our goal is finding people with the right skills to understand and support the Group’s values and energetically champion them into the future. A sharing, team-based approach and cutting-edge innovation guarantee high performance and motivation in a context in which commitment to internal and external customers is key and is coupled with strong ambition to develop "exceptional" new products and services.

Our Company Culture is based on Performance and we strongly value meritocracy and diversity. People Development is promoted through career opportunities, job rotation, international experience, Masters Degrees and Executive programs.

“We don’t manage professionals we create the conditions in which they can “soar”- and maximise their contribution to our Organisation.”

We are looking for graduates in the following fields:
Mechanical, Electronic and Electrical Engineering - Management-Economics, Statistics-Politics, Science-Communication, Science-Industrial Design-Languages.
International experience such as studying or working abroad is a great advantage to your profile during our assessment process.

The recruitment process is managed by our Assessment Centre and Candidate Job interviews are conducted by our HR Department and by the Line Manager.

Please send us a copy of your CV (in .doc, .rtf, or .pdf format).
Just click on your field of interest below and email the Manfrotto Human Resources Department:

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