The Picture of Life project aims to support young people who have experienced social exclusion in their life by giving them a chance to reintegrate into society and gain new professional qualifications.
The program was launched in 2014 in partnership with the Italian Justice Ministry and two rehabilitation centres for young offenders in Naples – Associazione Jonathan – and in Verona – Istituto Don Calabria - and will run until the end of 2015.
We have held three editions so far: two in Naples and one in Verona, involving around 20 young men aged 14 to 20. During the 3-month program, participants were taught photographic techniques, light effects, street photography and other photo subjects by photographers from the Manfrotto School of Xcellence, who succeeded in inspiring passion, commitment and discipline.
Manfrotto supports the project by donating and setting up a permanent photo studio in the two centres and supplying participants with the necessary photographic equipment throughout the program.
At the end of each program, the most passionate and skilled participants were rewarded and their work exhibited in several towns to showcase the results they achieved.
The program has now been extended abroad.
Manfrotto’s US subsidiary has just launched the Program in collaboration with a photography school in NY that uses photography to empower and equip teenagers from immigrant communities in New York City with the tools they need to reach their full potential. Our UK subsidiary will also be launching the program in September.

Guy taking picture on a beautiful cliff on the sea

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