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Introducing the new
Off road Hiking Backpacks

Discover the brand new Off road Hiking backpacks specifically designed for the outdoor world: enjoy the freedom of carrying your photo equipment and your personal items in a single backpack. 

Removable protective camera case

The camera case is padded with the Manfrotto Protection System to give you the best protection for your gear.

Innovative camera strap

The innovative camera strap featured on the front of the backpack allows you to carry you camera secured to your chest, avoiding neck strain.

2 ways to easily carry tripod and poles

Off road supports can be attached on the front of the bag or under the arm. This second configuration enables you to remove them without taking off your backpack.

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All in One Backpack

Your personal items can be stored in the top part of the bag and your photographic gear in the bottom part. The backpack also converts into a full, spacious hiking backpack by unzipping the internal divider and removing the padded camera case. 

The Perfect Outdoor Camera Backpack

The Off road Hiking backpacks have been specifically designed with the Manfrotto Protection System to protect all your photo gear; the backpacks have specific tripod connections for you to attach your tripod or hiking poles and the innovative camera strap helps you to securely carry your camera on your chest.

Camera Strap
Tripod easy carrying
under the arm
Tripod and walking
stick connections
Camera easy access
  • Breathable back system
  • Removable belt
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Rain cover

Discover the
Outdoor Soul of
our Backpacks

Our new backpacks have been developed to be ergonomic, lightweight and comfortable during long walks or field trips. Every bag features a breathable back system that prevents perspiration, adjustable shoulder straps so the backpack is just the right height, multiple pockets and a small removable belt. The fabric is water-repellent and the backpack also features a coloured rain cover. 

A Backpack for the Great Outdoors

A World of
Solutions for the

Discover the entire Off road collection specifically dedicated to hiking lovers. So you can always carry your photo and video equipment with you and shoot the greatest images of your adventures!


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Off road Backpacks

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