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Befree Advanced is the new standard of excellence for travel photography.

Forget the way you used to travel before. Don't bother with rules, guidelines or styles. Change your perspectives and broaden your horizons with the only travel companion that truly enhances your experiences.

  • 494 Ball Head

    The tripod head plays a key role when it comes to intuitive control for fast and precise adjustment.

  • M-Lock

    Manfrotto introduces the M-lock, a fast-locking mechanism that allows the tripod to be set up in seconds.

  • QPL Travel

    Manfrotto introduces the QPL Travel Lever, the travel version of the powerful QPL lever.

  • The side-pull selector

    You’re ready in seconds, without losing touch with your creative momentum.

  • The Spider

    The spider is the core of the tripod’s stability. It has been completely redesigned to ensure maximum sturdiness in minimum size.

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Alpha Edition

Advanced Alpha
Designed for α cameras from Sony

This special model features a customized version of the 200PL-PRO camera plate designed to perfectly match Sony's α7 and Sony's α9 camera bodies, ensuring flawless grip for unbeatable sharp images, even in the most angled shots.

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ITALIAN EXCELLENCE Operational excellence world lead design

All models in the Befree Advanced range are manufactured in Manfrotto's Italian plants, recognised as a flagship of operational excellence, innovation and talent growth. The superior quality of Manfrotto's materials, its cutting edge technology and leading design continue to set the industry standard.

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Travel Beyond

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