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Manfrotto Supports have been made to satisfy the needs of every photographer. All Manfrotto photo supports rely on high quality materials, technological expertise and innovation combined with superior Italian design.

All Manfrotto’s professional photo solutions follow photographers through thick and thin to enable them to capture the perfect shot. Each of these categories comprises a wide choice of products in terms of payload, lightness, speed and precision so there is a vast choice of combinations enabling individual image makers to find kit that’s tailor-made to their every photographic need. Each photo tripod is designed to be the perfect solution for a specific photographic style and camera type. The offering includes a full range of tripods, monopods, heads, accessories, and tripod bags.

Manfrotto provides a comprehensive system of solutions supporting photographers in every step of their creative achievements. High quality tripods have been precisely designed to be the perfect camera supports for both professionals and enthusiasts, helping them achieve the perfect shooting experience.

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  • X-PRO 3-Way tripod head with retractable levers
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    Technical specifications
    Safety Payload Weight 17.64 lbs 8 kg
    Material Aluminium Aluminium
    Head Type 3 Way Head 3 Way Head
    Top Attachment 1/4″ screw, 3/8″ thread female 1/4″ screw, 3/8″ thread female
    Base Diameter 2.36 in 60 mm

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